If Sun Signs Were True, And Adam Eve Too.

There are a whole bunch of unexplained and even mystifying hogwash floating around in the world, with new ones coming up everyday. Some of them, spreading faster than Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di. One such mystifying concept which treads on the peripherals of being hogwash is perhaps the Zodiac.

Who am I am kidding, forget peripherals, they are most certainly balderdash, no questions about it. For how the sun and and the planets were positioned during my birth, and are positioned during my life, has no internal effect on me, whatsoever. Internal, because if an asteroid drops on me from the the belt, would certainly have some effect otherwise (Apologies for a mundane joke, but I just had to).

Yet, here I am with another useless topic, trying to put thought to another useless idea which will, by default and without restriction, give us yet another unusable result. Basically, I am here to explore a possibility, a scenario where these signs could in truth tell us about ourselves and our future. Let us begin.

If not evident from my writing above, the title perhaps will now show its evident meaning, i.e. when I try to stick a definition to the word Zodiac. It’s a noob’s attempt for sure, because any and every technical definition of the term Zodiac has been avoided for the purposes of this article. In doing so, perhaps I deserve heavy censure, but I suppose it was important for this, (If i may call it!) Hypothesis to work.

Zodiac Signs here are referred to the 12 Astrological Signs and how these signs, in common parlance have certain, characteristic traits,(too superficial and in-concrete for my taste). As T2 would like to tell us that they might affect our behavior in some way so we are supposed to act in a certain way and expect certain other things. Because? Simply because these signs, they determine our predestined future.

Now without further ado let us take on the bull by its horns :-

I started off by thinking about, as the title suggests, on how to put even the slightest of logic into the idea that these so called astrological signs determine our future. To me it made sense that for this to have any value, certain things will have to be considered as axiomatic, or on the face of it and without questioning. And the starting point of my reasoning was assuming that these astrological signs really do contain certain traits specific to them. I have listed down a set of assumptions in more details below to make things more clear :-

  • Each sign must have an exhaustive set of behavioral trait.
  • Some traits can be and are overlapping to one another.
  • When these signs come in contact with one another, they behave in defined set of ways, which are also exhaustive.
  • These defined set of ways are dependent on the number of people and the number of star signs they come in contact with at a point of time, and also with the external environment.
  • The external environment comprises of the people and the actions initiated by them. For example : If one was born with a silver spoon then this richie rich environment to them would be because of the actions initiated by their family in a particular external environment and that their respective environment would be dependent of actions initiated by some other people and so on.
  • There would have to be a first of everything. A first Gemini, A fist Libra, etc. Which implicitly means that we would have to suspend our disbelief in the theory of creationism ( i.e god created the first man and woman and so on). Lets call them the firsts.
  • These firsts will have specific gene set withing them too, And since gene define every physical trait in our body, this last gene assumption along with the others would basically cover all aspects of human behavior.

I understand that these are a lot of assumptions, but I am not exerting or implying in any way that the zodiacs can tell our future. They are merely an exploration to a fictitious possibility.

Keeping these in mind, let us begin the hypothesis by thinking about the firsts. When the first zodiac signs were created, they would have had a properly definite set of genes (As defined by the combination of the genes of Adam & Eve), A properly defined set of behavioral traits and, a perfect external environment created by god. If we were to have access to all three of these factors, (i.e the kind of genes carried, the exhaustive set of behaviors according to the signs and the environment) we can actually infer how these signs are going to react with each other, who are they going to come in contact with, who are they going to like after coming in contact with, how are they going to affect and change the environment after interacting, who are they going to dislike, What are they going to like, dislike, the whole bunch. These traits can then be factored in and extrapolated to tell a person’s future with quite the accuracy.

For example: The first Aquarius likes company of the first Aeries and they conceive a Gemini. Why do they conceive a Gemini, would be dependent on When, How and where they met and conceived which would in turn be dependent of there respective 3 factors. This Gemini would have green eyes because, well because of the genes factor. Somewhere down the line because of his behaviors and actions he would be bound to meet a Sagittarius who is bound to meet him for same reasons and according to her three factors she is bound to like people with green eyes, which would mean an affection towards that particular Gemini. If we were to be predisposed with all this information, the information of these three factors, the gene, the behavior and the environment, We could might as well tell any persons future, and so the signs could might as well be true.

Whether I am a hardworking chap or not will be defined by the environment the come in contact with and my genes and the inherent behavior, and if someone were to know what genes I carry, what environment i could possibly come in contact with and what my inherent behavior is, forget hardworking, not many things about my life would be a mystery. I would then do some actions which would cause a ripple effect foe others, and people who come in contact with me or my actions, their future can be then predicted too. It would be infinite chain.

The fact that you are reading this article and how it would affect you could also be predicted if someone knew your history, your gene traits and some of your emotional traits that your were born with. The fact is the world would have become a pretty boring place. But fortunately, no one has access to that kind of information and fortunately, sun signs remain to be hogwash.

Lets all thank god for that. *Wink Wink*


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